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Meet the Board

Board of Directors

Position Name
President Jenny Platt
Vice-President Carrie Harbour
Secretary Cristina Canning
Treasurer Kathleen Tsuji
Parliamentarian Open
Historian Open
Advisor Amy Laughlin
Advisor Karen Recker
Advisor Lisa Discenna
Advisor Yvette Suniga

Committee Chairpersons

We are always looking for new committee members.
Join us now and make a difference!!

Position Name
Dinner and Auction Jenny Platt
Dinner and Auction Kathleen Tsuji
Dinner and Auction Carrie Harbour
Dinner and Auction Cristina Canning
Dinner and Auction James Whitlock
Dinner and Auction Monick Sanchez
Dinner and Auction Amber Zabel
Dinner and Auction Analicia Gutierrez
Dinner and Auction Marie Fitch
Website Open
Website Open
Family Nights Maria Barcelo
Family Nights Michelle Medina
Escript Open
Escript Open
Special Persons Day Open
Special Persons Day Open
Grants and Donations Open
Grants and Donations Open


What is the difference between Project Leap and PTA?

Project LEAP and PTA are both non-profit organizations. PTA'S bylaws prohibit the funding of personnel, among many other restrictions.

Where does the money go?

Annually, Project Leap funds:

• 1 Credentialed Teacher’s Salary

Accelerated Reader – AR serves as the practice component of a comprehensive reading program by promoting personalized practice combined with data to monitor and manage that practice. With nearly 70,000 nonfiction titles, it’s easy to integrate content-area reading practice as well.

• Updating Computer Equipment and Software

• Family Science night.

• Media center instructional aide

• Lead the Way Renewal

In years past and future, Project Leap funds:

MIND – Lee utilizes the MIND Institute’s ST Math. All students have access to this computer program, which uses spatial and temporal reasoning to present and teach mathematical concepts using JiJi the Penguin.

• Media Center Teachers salaries

• P.E. Teachers salaries

• Media Center Tables and PC’s

• PC’s and Printers for each classroom

• iPads for the teachers and students

• Smartboards in every classroom


How can I get involved?

• Attend a meeting! Look for notices for our next meeting in the schoolwide email “The WeekLee Reader”.

• Join our volunteer team. Everyone is Welcome!!

• Make a tax-deductible donation to Project Leap.

• Attend our annual Dinner and Auction and/or Family Nights.

• Our hope is to raise at least $100,000 this year. We can only do that with everyone's support.