Our Story

Project LEAP was founded by an all volunteer group of parents in 2003. It was during the biggest cuts to education by our government. Our all volunteer group has come together over the years to insure essential learning programs would not be lost. Over the years Project LEAP has funded; Smaller class sizes, PE and Technology credentialed teachers, AR site Licenses, media center and classroom technology, copiers, staff and classroom supplies, Science Night and so much more. With the generous support of our Lee families and community, all of this is possible. Project LEAP’S bylaws allow funding and support of important educational programs that PTA bylaw prohibit or limit. Lee’s two all volunteer groups work side by side to insure the highest levels of education possible..

Meet the Team

We couldn’t do this without the help we get from so many people throughout the year.  Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of business that needs to be taken care of to keep the non-profit ‘business’ alive and that’s the main job of the volunteers on the Project LEAP board of directors.  If you’re interested in joining the board, please contact the current members to discuss.

Here’s the current board membership:

  • President: Jenny Platt
  • Vice-President: Kelly Cheng
  • Secretary: Carrie Harbour
  • Treasurer: Kathleen Tsuji, Adela Romero
  • Financial Secretary: Michelle Medina
  • Parliamentarian: Open
  • Website: Anu Gupta
  • Advisors: Amy Laughlin, Karen Recker, Lisa Discenna